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Our Leadership program strives to facilitate a space where adolescent girls and women can come together, share their experiences, and gain necessary skills and knowledge that will enable them to exercise leadership in their personal lives and in the public realm
We provide the participants with linkages and a support network made up of other adolescent girls along with other organizations, with which they will have the opportunity to collectively engage and advocate their needs and rights. 
We prioritize those who have had little to no access to education

We provide the participants with:

  • English language skills 

(by providing a three-level English language course following the Headway syllabus)

  • Digital skills 

(by providing digital courses which are built on the International Computer Driving License courses (ICDL) syllabus.)

  • Individual and collective psychosocial support process by our certified psychologists and psychotherapists 

(to address individual traumas, stresses and issues resulting from the experiences of conflict and displacement.)

We provide the participants with:

  • Introductory leadership workshops

(Topics addressed include negotiation, self-empowerment, conflict resolution, the body and sexuality, work and financial responsibility, and more)


  • Advanced leadership workshops

(some topics addressed include human rights law, political participation and management skills, project management skills, psychological education, and more)


  • Advocacy visits with key women’s rights and civil society organizations in the area

(The participants will have the opportunity practice shaping the interventions that target them, and influence those organizations that do not and establish their own networks)


The Leadership Program is conducted in two phases


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Gender hierarchy and social norms are often created and reproduced within the household. Therefore, Gharsah works with the entire household to create an enabling and supportive environment where the girls can express their needs, priorities, land aspirations, and be supported in making their own decisions. In the Adolescent program, we focus mainly on strengthening the relationship between the girls and their mothers and/or caregivers by organizing meetings and activities with both parties.

Gharsah provides financial support, guidance, and advice to chosen groups of participating adolescent girls who will have been developing collective community initiatives in small groups. leading selected initiatives, in the process of developing and implementing their actions.

a graduate groups from our program 

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