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Mohamad Aljounde at the WEF 2020

Gharsah Founder Mohamad Aljounde joined activists at the World Economic Forum to speak about refugees struggles and encourage world and business leaders to invest in refugees and actively work towards world peace. He participated in panels with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Mr. Antonio Guterres and with UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner.

Of course we have been discussing a lot about climate change, it is such a crucial issue nowadays especially in the World Economic Forum. [The WEF] has a lot of emphasis on it. However as a refugee, it is an issue when I try to discuses climate change with my peers, as their struggle with basic necessity like education hinder their ability to invest time and effort in the matter. That's why we should first invest our resources to provide basic necessities for refugees and marginalized groups like housing, clean water and food, and of course education in order to encourge them to joing our fight against climate change." - Mohamad Aljounde

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